I'm a girl who LOVES computers (especially, since my dad works on them!), is a Marine brat, and has a heart for the Lord. I spend most of my time with my head in my laptop, either on facebook, or working on my websites.

      I love to help other people, and I love to donate to the Salvation Army - especially the bell ringers at Christmas -- especially LOVE those!

     My old Awana group at church has something called adopt-a-club where we sponsor another Awana club in other countries (usually) to help them buy supplies. We get a patch to wear on our shirts -- my favorite thing! But now I've outgrown Awana and I'm now a part of my church's Youth Group. Now, instead of helping raise money for other Awana groups, I can actually go on a Missions Trip with the rest of my Youth Group to another country and help them! Basically I'm just glad to help out any way I can. Even with the environment.

             I have a 3.8 GPA in school, and very much enjoy Math, as well as English. But then again -- the teachers are what make the subjects so great.

      You may ask why I have Cali's Place. I use Cali's Place to sell my products and also have a list of services of what I can do. I often refer my customers to my website to see what else I can do. On the Products page, is a list of the products I sell. Check it out -- you may find some pretty cool stuff.

      Thank you for your support, and know that even the weirdest or smallest jobs help.

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