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Hi Cali,

Loved your website!! Can you teach me how to create my own website
sometime? I also loved the background animal pictures, the horses & the
sharks! :)

See ya later!! Have a Rockin' New Year!!--Brenda Y


Hi Brenda! 

I'm glad to hear you like it! I'd be glad to teach you how to make your own website!

Does your computer have Front Page on it? Front Page is what I use to design Cali's Place [Please note that Cali no longer uses Front Page and now uses a different product--she does NOT recommend Front Page for any professional job.]. Maybe you and I could jump on Google Chat around

6:30 every Thursday and I could give you step by step instructions?

Would that work for you? I'm also glad to hear you liked the animal pictures.

I love animals very much and Cali's Place is basically something I use that has little

(and sometimes big) things I like on it, but I can still teach.

Happy New Year!! 

-Cali <3

P.S: Check out my new "Fast Facts" page!



Your Web-site is awesome!

I love your art!!
Shannon Mc (Kody's Mom) :-)


Hi Mrs. Mc!

Thank you for the comment! I'm glad to hear you like it! I worked hard on it at times

(specifically when I had problems with it like when a blank page was showing up . . . irritating)

and had to be patient with it and not just shut the computer down in frustration.

I'm also happy to hear that you like my art! I also worked hard on those. My first picture (the two tigers)

took me a little less than a year to complete. But I think that might just have been because it was my

first picture. The horse (or colt rather... it's supposed to be a Clydesdale) only took me about

a month and a half. I'm very proud of both of them and I am quickly learning new methods

of drawing at school. [NOTE: The Art page no longer exists.]

Thanks for checking out my website!

-Cali <3


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